The Workplace of the Future – creating the feel-good factor for every worker

The 2019 City HR Conference explores the impact of technology and transformation on talent strategy and the employee experience to create a positive workplace.  Never before has the development of the right environment been so critical to employee well-being and organisational success.

In particular, the conference will identify how the world of work is changing and what we, as change agents and custodians of people practices, can do to ensure that employees feel comfortable.

This conference will:

  • Identify the disruptive elements which drive unlimited opportunities for organisations as well as shaping the people agenda
  • Build leadership skills which support transformation whilst optimising talent and employee well-being
  • Assess how to get the workplace fundamentals right: the environment, workstyle, culture, skills and career transition
  • Discuss how to make each worker feel comfortable in the workplace through diversity, inclusion and belonging and bringing your whole self to work