How to create a safe environment in which employees can speak up is a key concern for many firms.  Having the right policies and processes in place as well as monitoring the results of workplace surveys are crucial to the HR and Leadership Toolkit.  Outside of this, fostering a speak up environment is down to your people and the culture they build through their behaviour.  However, what is acceptable workplace behaviour can differ significantly for each individual often resulting in unintended outcomes for workplace cultures.

This session will cover:

Part one:

An exercise led by byrne.dean on how to navigate different perspectives and emotions in working environments:  Understanding how this diversity plays out and impacts individuals and the culture generally, and how to achieve an ‘in the box’ resolution.

Part two:

Simmons & Simmons on Managing Speak-Up Policies and Embedding a Safe Environment

  • Whistleblowing policies and confidential Hotlines
  • Do’s and Don’ts when running an investigation
  • Legal advice privilege in the context of whistleblowing investigations
  • The role of the regulator and compliance team alongside HR and Legal functions
  • Risks for an organisation and potential personal liability for failure to investigate/detriment/dismissal
  • Addressing speak up issues through challenging conversations and emotional intelligence to improve workplace behaviour and drive a positive culture
  • Creating a safe environment – how this works in practice.  An insight from a leading bank

Please join us for networking over drinks and canapes afterwards