For our HR members in Financial Services

A key consideration at this time of the year for many firms in financial services is gearing up for the 2021/22 compensation round.   This week’s HR Community Chat will be for HR Leaders and Reward Specialists in an expert led but highly interactive session focusing on the following:-

  • The pay trends emerging from 2021 and how this could play out for 2022:  Jasmin Castonguay, Leading Markets & Investment Banking Reward UK & Europe, McLagan.
  • Pay insights for small to medium sized banks as provided by Carolynne Ruffle, City Pay Associates
  • Embedding the regulatory requirements relating to CRDV and IFD and what else should be on the horizon:  Jill Townley, Director, Reward and Regulation, PwC
  • What Financial Services firms need to look out for in the Budget, and what Financial Services focus HMRC currently have around the Reward agenda, Paul Scarborough, Director, PwC
  • The bigger picture:  ESG and reward in practice:  Claire Morland, Partner, Executive Pay, McLagan
  • Group discussion on pay pressure on industry roles and retaining top talent

Please join our Reward Team for what promises to be a good discussion as firms plan their reward strategy and employee retention devices for 2022.