How are progressive organisations articulating and deploying their Artificial Intelligence strategy.   And what does this mean for job roles of the future?

This session looks outside the world of financial services at how the Government is deploying AI within the workplace and how wider research shows emerging new job roles.  Our speakers include:

*.   Zoe Vince is an HR and OD professional at the Cabinet Office leading the cross-government HR Function’s strategy and planning for the future provision of HR technology and business process outsourcing for the Civil Service. This involves managing senior HR and business processes and professionals to create the workplace of the future.   Zoe will provide the practitioner element

* Mike Cook, Senior Business Manager at Cognizant, who contributed to the incredible research publication 21 Jobs of the Future.  The word incredible is not used lightly as it is likely to be true.   Cognizant has identified the roles that we, in HR and Technology, will be recruiting in the next 2 to 5 years which includes titles such as Genomic Portfolio Director and Man-Machine Teaming Manager and their corresponding job descriptions.

Chaired by Sarah Henry, Senior Director, HCM Cloud Applications, Oracle, this session will take us into uncharted territory and make the organisation of tomorrow accessible from today.