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16th October (Group Programme)

In-house Bespoke Conduct Rules Training Available on Demand

Price £850 per person or £1,750 per in-house group (see below for discounted in-house Group Programme)


A New Era of Accountability

In 2016, the City HR Association, in collaboration with the BBA, designed and delivered Employee Conduct Rules Train the Trainer for over 70 organisations in scope of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime.  This has now been revised to support firms with the extension of SMCR to all solo-regulated firms.  It also applies to insurers who transitioned from SIMR to SMCR.

Delivered in conjunction with PIMFA (the Wealth Management Association), this City HR programme is for HR and Learning and Development Managers and those on the internal SMCR Project Taskforce who are charged with the delivery, organisation and recording of internal employee conduct training.  Many firms have included their Risk and Compliance Managers in the roll-out of this training.  By attending you will acquire:-

  • The ability to design, deliver or source an internal employee conduct training course suitable for differing levels of staff within the context of their organisation
  • A Trainers Pack comprising
    * FCA videosetting the scene for SMCR

*    suggested CEO/Head of UK messaging, on how to align conduct rules to your culture
*   compliance insight
*   slides customised to your firm and branded
*   training exercises including industry case studies
*   training handouts including Individual Employee Reflections form to align conduct rules and company values to their own specific job role
*   all support materials
*    credit card sized version of the Conduct Rules

  • The opportunity to experience the employee conduct training first hand
  • An understanding of best practice in the field of SMCR Training

Upon completion of the programme, you will have the confidence, tools and ability to structure and deliver your own programme.

Price £1,750 per group or contact City HR on 0207 670 1932 / for individual price