Networking. Does just the mention of the word recall painful coffee chit chats, cocktail receptions, and sticky name badges that never stay put? If it does, you’re right up there with the majority of the population. According to the experts though, you are also significantly missing out.

Research has proved that individuals with a stronger network earn more, get more promotions, and have more influence. Our research found that women who were successful in advancing to more senior levels of leadership did, in fact, have stronger networks. The good news for women is that we are natural networkers and we are wired for connection and relationship building. But the bad news is that we often forget the strategic side of it. Ask yourself, “Do I have a strong mentor or personal advisory group to advance my career?” “Do I have connections with people in other business lines or geographies to understand how my priorities intersect across the broader enterprise?” “Do I know what my counterparts at the competition are doing to handle the same challenges I have?”

This workshop is aimed at providing you with:

  •  The mindset required for effective networking
  • The three types of networks you need for success
  • The creation of a targeted plan for you to action”