A company’s culture and governance arrangements are critical to a company’s success or failure.  High profile examples of poor governance have shone a spotlight on the role HR can play and the risks they bring to employer and CEO’s reputations.  Of course, whilst such issues are critical to UK listed companies, this session equally applies to non-UK listed firms as a benchmark of a good relationship between the leadership and HR.

This session will explore:

  • The section 172 duty – how directors fulfil their duties relating to employees and other stakeholders
  • UK Corporate Governance Code and other best practice guidance – the role of HR when reporting or advising the board
  • Workforce policies and practices consistent with corporate values and supporting a company’s long-term sustainable success
  • Workforce engagement and the importance of ‘the workers’ voice’
  • Corporate reporting: gender pay gap reporting, action plans, retention and promotion of female talent
  • Future reporting: the impact of ethnicity and disability pay gap reporting
  • Succession planning:  balancing succession plans and obligations
  • The first hand experience of Paul Hucknall, HRD, Quilter plc (a FTSE 250 company)